A Week in the Life of an Artistic Director by Kristen Coury

Last year, for “Coury’s Corner” I wrote an article that chronicled “A Day in the Life” which some patrons found interesting. This time around, I choose to focus on “A Week in the Life of an Artistic Director”…this week.

A week ago today, we had our Preview Performance of I AM MY OWN WIFE. Following the performance was the usual production meeting, notes to the Designers about final tweaks…and last minute set notes. I made the mistake of going to the office to check my emails, which were at that point well over 150…even though I do my best to check throughout the day on my phone. Friday, we had a production meeting for EARNEST, followed by a final rehearsal for WIFE and then of course “another opening, another show” on Friday night, followed by the VIP party. The weekend was filled with shows, and my attempt to prepare for EARNEST.

Oh, and I read three plays, because did I mention, we haven’t finalized our 13-14 season, and we have a Season Announcement planned for January 28th?

Monday, I hopped on a plane to NYC to hold an emergency audition for MASTER CLASS at the Naples Philharmonic because the woman who was cast as the main soprano, currently playing Christine in Broadway’s PHANTOM, got a big Stephen Sondheim concert which conflicts, so she had to pull out and I had to find a new Soprano. Check. Back to Naples. (Thank goodness, because it was 21 degrees in NYC.)

Tuesday night, I got off the plane, arrived at the theatre in time to greet some patrons at intermission, and proceeded to stay til 1am. My emails at that point were well over 200. I scoured my shelves full of plays searching for that perfect play that was going to make our 13-14 season complete, and of course worked on EARNEST. Why you ask? Oh, we start rehearsals for EARNEST today!!!

So, Wednesday was filled with actors coming into town…the whole cast is NYC-based, except Nick Ullett who plays Lady Bracknell (another man in a dress!) who is based out of LA. Oh, and for a special treat, you’ll discover our own Artistic Associate, Cody Nickell, in a couple of tiny roles throughout. Wednesday, I think we finally nailed down the season…and I think I left before 1am.

It’s been a great week. Good reviews for WIFE, good auditions in NYC, great selections for the upcoming season and EARNEST rehearsals off to a roaring start. I’m excited about this cast…what seems like a cast of thousands after a one-man show…and delighted to see the fun that will ensue. Hope to see you at the show! Or is that shows? What day is it anyway???

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