Life Inside the Bubble by Maura Lohan

The Gulfshore Playhouse Administrative Office has been lovingly dubbed “The Bubble” by certain GP staff members. At the peak of season, our little room at the far end of the Norris Center houses 8 people working on everything from creative conversations about an upcoming production to payroll. And, as you can imagine, it gets a little crazy!

As the Administrative Intern last season, my desk was basically in the center of the room and as conversations between coworkers happened, I sometimes felt as if I was watching a tennis match, swiveling in my chair in order to see everyone involved. But, as season ended, our numbers pared back to just two, Kristen and myself, to hold down the fort for the summer months. And although the room started to feel a lot bigger, the feeling as if a thousand things were going on never left. For a theatre company that only produces shows for 7 months out of the year, there is a lot of marketing work to do 365 days a year!

Nearly every day in my job, I am running ideas, or artwork, or press release drafts by Kristen, so this summer I got spoiled. When I was the only other person in the room, the need for a Staff Calendar and meetings to talk about specific projects wasn’t needed, we could have brainstorming sessions across what felt like the cavernous office. But, we are ramping up again as season begins and we open Venus in Fur two weeks from tomorrow (it still blows my mind that we are so close to opening my second season here), our office is bursting at the seams with new and returning staff! Long gone are the days where the office is quiet and no one can hear me singing show tunes while working (now they just hear me humming under my breath, trying to hold it in), and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

There are some days where I feel like I may never be able to just sit down and do one project, like writing this blog, but that is because there are so many creative people working to bring something very special to life here in Naples. Exciting things are percolating here at Gulfshore Playhouse; we have tons of new ideas to bring to our audiences and I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team.

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