Who Are All These People?

Nothing is static.  Change is the only thing we can count on.

This most certainly holds true at Gulfshore Playhouse this season.  I look around my office and not only do I see a sea of people, suddenly, but it is, in many ways, a sea of NEW people.

I think Cody Nickell and I are the only two people actually IN the office who aren’t new or haven’t changed job titles.  We have a brand new General Manager, the amazing Eryn Bates, who is already an incredible asset and integral team member.  We have a new Technical Director, Alex Olsen, who, besides being very talented at his job, has the same energy as the “Ghost of Christmas Present” which means he is full of gusto and good will wherever he goes.  New interns everywhere I look.  Maura and Mike are back, but they’ve both taken on “slash titles”, such as Marketing-slash-Audience Services Coordinator and Production-slash-Company Manager.

Now that I think about it, “The Two Jennifers” are coming back into the same position; Jenn Murray, who has been everything from Costume Designer to Events Coordinator is coming back for the second year in a row as Properties Mistress (I think her title is officially Props Master but the other sounds so fancy…) and Jennifer Bronsted is coming back for the second year as Resident Costume Designer!  Oh and how could I forget Irene Horowitz who’s been with us as Director of Education since 2007!

I’m sitting in the room and at the desk where Gulfshore Playhouse started over 9 years ago…in my home office…and it’s incredible and gratifying and awe-inspiring, and nothing short of a miracle to think that we now have an office space, a costume shop, a scene shop, and are doing six shows a year with 16 staff members.   I knew all the while there were Angels watching over Gulfshore Playhouse and I’m certain of it now.

I’m grateful.  Extremely grateful.  For the opportunity to serve our community.  To build a theatre company from the ground up.   To have met so many wonderful people along the way: artists, vendors, patrons, donors.  To have learned so many lessons.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many talented and creative people, making the best art we can make with whatever smallish budget we may have at the time, and, hopefully, inspiring people, creating dialogue and bringing hope and joy to all those we touch along the way.

Life is rich indeed.

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