Somedays, I have writers block.

I have been sitting at my desk most of today and every time I go to start a new project on my to-do list, I remind myself that I NEED to write a blog today. But still, nothing has come to mind to talk about. As a result, this blog may end up as more rambling than it is a concise thought. But, please bear with me!

A model of the Venus in Fur set

A model of the Venus in Fur set

As we all have been writing about, Venus in Fur has turned into far more of a success than we thought was possible. The Naples audience has embraced this amazingly edgy show with such gusto that I am still wowed as I look at ticket sales each day. Sadly, we are coming to the point where we say goodbye to the first production of the 2013-2014 season. This is always a bittersweet moment for me personally, as our staff prepares to strike the Brooklyn audition room and bring the Norris Center Auditorium back to its natural state, a blank stage.

The Norris Center stage

The Norris Center stage

But at the same time, there is nothing more magical to me than a blank stage. Black walls and a red curtain are waiting there to bring the next story to life. The next time Gulfshore Playhouse patrons will walk through those doors, they will be transported to Hollywood in the 1940’s with the set of Something Intangible. How amazing is that? With a relatively small budget, our staff can take a 200 seat theatre and make it serve as a time machine. And the thirties and forties has always been a time period that has fascinated me.

Something Intangible is a story about the amazing things two brothers were accomplishing in the movie business. Bringing animated pictures to life is no small feat. But then again, neither is theatre. We are a relatively small company, but our staff is working tirelessly to make sure the show goes on. How lucky am I that I get to play a part in that? As our tagline for our next show states, dreams really can come true.

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