My Life in 17 Syllables.

Hello! I’m Cecily, and I am one of the interns here at Gulfshore Playhouse for the 2013-2014 season! I’ve written quite a few haikus about my experience so far, and I’d like to share some of them with you.
Move-In Day: The (Unpacking) Intern’s Perspective
Is that a fruit tree?
Mangoes grow in my front yard?
I’m in paradise.
Day 1: The (Spoiled) Intern’s Perspective
Wait. Is that my desk?
And my desk comes with a chair?
This is not real life.
Day 7: The (Accomplished) Intern’s Perspective
A patron just called.
She had a question for me.
I knew the answer.
Day 12: The (Office) Intern’s Perspective
Tech needs help with lights.
I don’t know how to hang lights.
I’ll hold the ladder.
Day 18: The (Glowing) Intern’s Perspective
Smell of new programs
Theatrical heart pounding
Ev’rything feels right.
Day 26: The (Wicked Busy) Intern’s Perspective
Had a staff meeting
Starting tons of new projects
Note: drink more caffeine.
Here’s one of the best parts about Gulfshore Playhouse’s intern program: I AM LEARNING SO MUCH. I have had the opportunity to research grants, sit in on development meetings, and experience all of the hustle and bustle of tech week. AND I LOVE IT. There is an overwhelming feeling of joy every time I think about where I am. Within six months of graduating from undergrad, I have found myself interning for a professional, not-for-profit theatre, and I am surrounded by brilliant, passionate advocates for the arts. 

 OH. Did I mention that the beach is only a ten-minute walk from the office? I’m not trying to brag, but this girl is living the dream.

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