Immediate ROI

If that isn’t a blog title that makes you want to read further, I don’t know what is!

Today a very generous donor gave a very generous donation of a very generous amount. Let me publicly declare our sincerest thanks! And let’s talk about how immediate a small theatre’s needs are.

biplaneThese gifts, whatever size, reflect immediately in our day-to-day operations. I wish I could shout this from the rooftops in thanks. If I knew a fella who did skywriting in a biplane, I’d personally pay him to take this message across the wild blue yonder: “Immediate ROI!”

Because of this gift, we can do any of these things:

  • Pay a staff member’s yearly salary
  • Build two sets
  • Buy 6 new computers
  • Buy rights for shows for the entire year
  • Pay for 2 1/2 shows’ design teams
  • Pay printing costs for an entire year
  • Nearly cover the costs for printing our Playbill this season
  • Pay two actors for an entire run of a show

See what I mean?! Immediate ROI!

I ran out of examples because I am so humbled by the overwhelming generosity in our community. Thank you for being an arts supporter. Thank you for helping great theatre continue in our region. Thank you for nurturing Gulfshore Playhouse’s growth. Thank you for being proud and supportive of the work on our stage. Thank you.

And with that, I need to see a man about a biplane…

One thought on “Immediate ROI

  1. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, allow me to add my sincere gratitude to whoever was so generous to our wonderful Gulfshore Playhouse. This is a gift to, not only Gulfshore Playhouse, but to the SoWest FL community and each and everyone of us who love excellent theater…, again,

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