Into the Vortex, Part 2

It is my mission to bring truthful theatre into the world.  Part of that journey now includes new plays. I couldn’t be more excited to be working on our first World Premiere with the incredible Suzanne Bradbeer.  She is smart, thorough, thoughtful and collaborative.  And she is my partner in the search for the truth.  How do these people talk?  What needs to happen next?  Would they say it this way exactly?  And then of course there are actor opinions, and audience feedback, and the voice in the back of our heads as well.

Rehearsal of THE GOD GAME

Rehearsal of THE GOD GAME

Maura Lohan wrote a blog by the same title yesterday, and no, she wasn’t referring to the Polar Vortex, she was referring to Cyclone-that-is-season-in Naples.  I refer to a certain kind of vortex here as well.  The vortex of rehearsal, re-writes, line changes, everything from costumes to props to music to lighting morphing and changing, and the ever-looming deadline.  It’s amazing, there never seems to be enough time, and at each break there is a vortex of a different type, as people swirl around me wanting opinions, a brief word, or a signature.

It is grand.  I love nothing more than this.

I cannot write a blog with the word Vortex in the title without talking about my energy ritual.  Part of what I do, in my care and feeding of Gulfshore Playhouse is create an energy vortex in the room as well.  Stirring up the energies, cleansing the room.  Something like burning sage.  Hopefully others feel it too, but to me it’s like a giant vacuuming out of the energy, and everything feels sparkly clean and new when I’m done walking counter-clockwise in a circle and inviting in all the good energies of the Universe.

So, wish us luck.  We’re on an important journey here, one that will potentially affect the face of American Theatre in our small way.  And hopefully will affect the world-views of those who see it.  How exciting is that?

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