January in Paradise

januaryinparadiseWe’re in tech week right now. We’ve started a new year. It’s Season in Naples, which means it’s January in paradise. Things. Are. Busy!

Our days are flying by, and Gulfshore Playhouse has some incredible surprises up its sleeve: A world premiere play, sold out previews, opening night on Friday for THE GOD GAME, another fantastic cast beginning rehearsals at the end of January, a gala, a season announcement, and the day-to-day running of the company. We have comedy, drama, shows that make you think, laugh, cry and everything in between.

As people begin to arrive in Naples again, we are gearing up for another spring season of theatre. Busyness is not unknown to us at Gulfshore Playhouse, nor is it unfamiliar in the theatre world. Theatre artists dig in. We make lists (well, some of us do). We focus on the task at hand and start taking care of things one at a time. Our team is lean, but mighty. This evening, for instance, we had all hands on deck as we reset the Norris Center for another event. The process was efficient, quick, and (yes, truly) fun. And this is the way the team works at Gulfshore Playhouse. We’re ready to solve the next issue. We’re ready to lend a hand. And we are certainly in it to create the best possible experience for each patron that walks through our doors.

THE GOD GAME runs from January 17- February 9. Please join us for yet another sensational production at Gulfshore Playhouse!

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