When gratitude is a way of life

I was trying to think of a blog to write today, and was coming up with nothing.

photo (2)In the past 7 days we have opened a world premiere of a play, had a board meeting, answered call after call of ticket buyers clamoring for a chance to see this great show, worked on contracts, bill pay, payroll and other general day-to-day operations, reviewed information from job search candidates, talked to a major playwright (twice), worked with Equity, worked with performers, worked with local vendors, and had a delicious lunch at Captain Kirk’s down the street (It’s fish taco Tuesday, folks. And it’s heaven), and anxiously awaited our next cast that gets into town NEXT WEEK.

Wait…wait, that isn’t in the past 7 days. Most of that happened today!

As I look over the last week, and think about our upcoming shows this season, I see a lot of work. Today was just one day in a long line of busy ones. BUT I see a staff ready to dig in. I see the audiences pouring through the doors of the Norris Center ready to learn and to think and to experience, and what I feel might not be expected. I feel gratitude.

Gratitude rings from this corner office in the Norris Center like nobody’s business! It’s a way of life here. Amid the workload and hours and issues that sometimes arise in the business, we are all so grateful to be able to share these stories – to be able to share our fundamentally human experience through universal story. Even me! Crunching numbers at my desk and sorting through contract negotiations. And I challenge you to try to find a single blog here that doesn’t have the same sense of gratitude thriving throughout. You won’t. It doesn’t exist because the staff is built on a foundation of gratitude and thankfulness. Kristen Coury began this organization with the honesty and genuineness of her own personal gratitude and has drawn a staff and theatre supporters than burn with the same light. Yeah, “gratitude” doesn’t even really describe it. It’s a way of life.

So, thank you, reader. Thank you for the time you’ve spent to learn more about our company by reading this blog. Thank you for sharing your support with friends and family and with us. Thank you for adding to the culture of gratitude here at Gulfshore Playhouse, and thank you for allowing us to serve you in offering the highest quality of professional theatre.

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