The Best Laid Schemes

“The best laid schemes of mice and men…” Am I right, blog readers?

This morning I had bright, well-organized plans of my projects for the day. I was ready. Lists made. Check boxes prepped. Coffee in hand. The sun was shining.

firemen-fire-helmetAnd then I had one of those days where things just kept cropping up. I donned my trusty Fireman’s helmet and started putting out every fire I came across. Phone calls here – fire out. Emails there – fire out. Tax documents, payroll, blogs, accounts, invoices, new casts in town – extinguished completely! It’s been a very busy day at Gulfshore Playhouse.

I’m looking at my list for today and realizing I’ve only crossed off 2 of my projects! But as I sit down to write my blog (task 3 on my list!) I realize that some days are just like that, and I’ve gotten SO much accomplished today. The days where fires come up happen every once and awhile, and when they do, I’m ready.

Theatre is filled with situations like this and requires quick-thinking responses. It’s one of the reasons I love the job and the field so much. Problem, solution, and efficiency. It’s that simple, and it’s how we work onstage and off. Today reminded me of that…I’m just glad I brought my helmet.

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