The Sound of Music

I wanted to write about this a month ago, but then our World Premiere happened, and the stomach flu, and preparing the season, and, oh, and I bought a house…you know, life intervened.

As we are all aware, birthdays have taken on new meaning since the advent of Facebook. Suddenly, we’re flooded with love, good wishes and happy memories on that special day of days.

On mine, I was delighted to have wishes sent to me by two very wonderful composers.  One was the incredibly creative and talented Skip Kennon, who, in his birthday greeting, referenced a song he he’d written for a film I directed in 1999 called FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  “You Can’t Surprise Me” is a beautiful song, and I’m not sure if there’s any way to hear it other than to order yourself a copy of F&F from Amazon.  So feel free to do that here.

samosasThe second “composer love” FB Birthday post was from the charming and brilliant John Bucchino.  And in his post, he reminded me of a dream he’d shared with me over a decade ago, one which I’ve never forgotten.  In this dream he was at a reception of some kind.  There were butler-passed hors d’oeuvres, and a woman came around and offered him a samosa.  He looked at her tray and was dismayed to see there were only a few left, so he carefully selected one and refused to take any more.  So, in this dream, the woman signaled for him to follow her, and took him back into the kitchen where she opened an enormous refrigerator, inside which were trays and trays and trays of samosas.  Translation: there is always enough in this Universe of ours.  Do not think small.  Do not think “lack”.  Thinking lack will get you lack.  It’s a lesson I have remembered always, but was delighted that John remembered too and shared it with me on my special day.

I’ll write about our Season Announcement next week.

Til then…will somebody pass the samosas?

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