Announcing a Season

This past Monday, we announced our 2014-2015 season. And I am so excited about the amazing plays that will be produced on the Norris Center Stage this upcoming year! But, whew, getting everything together was a bit of a whirlwind! What goes into a season announcement, you might ask? A LOT!

ppt-mountaintopFirst, our Artistic Team (AKA Kristen and Cody) discuss what plays they may be interested in, with both of them reading play after play trying to find just the right ones that will fit into each slot. Then, we apply for rights. And wait to hear if we will be able to produce the plays we are interested in. And this continues until we have all of the plays, in the perfect order, with rights to produce all of them. (Please excuse my very simplified version of the process, as I can only tell you what I observe from across the office!)

Then, once we have the season, or a good idea of the shows that we are considering, my involvement in the process begins! First, we need to solidify our performance dates and ticket prices so I can build the shows into our ticketing system. Second, we need to set dates that tickets will go on sale at early bird prices to subscribers, then the general public, and finally full price subscriptions and single tickets.  Quite a process when you have more than 100 performances per season! Once that ppt-vanya-and-soniaball has started rolling, it’s time to begin the marketing materials. What should our show blurbs (1 paragraph descriptions of each show) be, what printed materials do we want, and what should each show logo look like? With the help of our graphic designer, we put together a beautiful announcement sheet and subscription order forms.

And when we have a handle on all of those things: it’s time to plan the event where we announce! Who do we invite? Should we have a wine reception? Before or after the announcement? What should the actual presentation be? How many staff members/actors will we need? When should we send out invitations? And the list of questions can go on and on.

And our small but mighty staff pulled it off! With more people and more subscriptions sold on the first night of sales ever!! This season is going to be amazing, be sure to get your subscriptions now so you don’t anything!

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