I’m thrilled to be able to write a blog with this title.  Let me talk about playwrights.  Suddenly, they’re popping out all over.  Just like June.  (Or is she bustin’ out all over?)

First: Suzanne Bradbeer.  Here we are on the eve of closing our four week run of The God Game.  It was a remarkable journey having Suzanne with us throughout the rehearsal process and during the first week of performances.  It was great to be able to continue to discuss potential changes, tweaks and hones with her, and to discover together what watching the show on its feet was teaching us.

Second:  Gwydion Suilebhan.  We announced our season on Monday.  ALREADY!  Here we are just about to open Show 5 in the 13-14 season and already we’re announcing 14-15.  Things are fast and furious here at the Playhouse, that’s for sure.  The announcement that we were going to include Gwydion’s play, The Butcher, is especially sweet because this play was one of the three winners in our first New Works Festival last August.  I look forward to getting started on it already.  By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about next year’s line-up, click here.

Third:  Ken Ludwig.  Well.  What else is there to say other than “the Award-winning playwright and author of so many plays we love including The Fox on the FairwayLend Me a Tenor and Moon over Buffalo” as well as the play we’re about to open The Game’s Afoot???

And he’s coming.


To Gulfshore Playhouse.

(Insert happy music here.  My “go to” is usually the Smurfs’ Theme, but feel free to pick your own.)

Yes, Mr. Ludwig is coming not only to see our production of The Game’s Afoot, but he will is willing to chat with our audiences afterwards.  (If you have a ticket to the matinee on March 2nd, you will be able to attend the Q&A with Ken Ludwig afterward.)

But, here’s the piece de resistance.

Ken Ludwig, probably the most prolific playwright currently writing, is in the process of writing two new plays.  In fact, I keep getting emails with new pages.  And he would like to have the Game’s Afoot cast read them aloud on Monday March 3rd at 3pm.

3/3 at 3.  Where will you be?

Gulfshore Playhouse has the exclusive opportunity to have these plays read aloud for the first time.  And you will have the opportunity not only to hear them, but to give feedback about them.   Ken will be present throughout the reading and afterward, and will be asking you, the audience, questions and will be grateful for your insights and comments.  You could potentially shape the way they continue to be written.  If you’re interested in attending this exclusive event, click here, because I’m sure the word will spread like wild-fire.  When these plays open on Broadway, you’ll be able to say “I saw it when.”

And I will finish here.  I have work to do!

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