To Be or Not To Be

That is the question.

Today is The Ides of March.  I had to check my calendar to know that because I have lost all sense of time and space.  Literally.  I have, frankly, missed appointments, shown up in the wrong place, and I wake up in the morning and wonder exactly what day it is and what I’m supposed to be doing today.


kristen (4)I have been working night and day.  All of the normal lynch-pins of my schedule are gone.  Two show days represent Saturdays.  But we’ve been doing two shows on Wednesday.  Rehearsal usually starts at 10 and ends at 6.  But we’ve been finishing at 1pm because have the cast of ALL MY SONS is in THE GAME’S AFOOT and Actors’ Equity won’t let us rehearse them too much.

In this past month and a half, I’ve been kept extremely busy with:

A World Premiere
A Season Announcement
Working several late nights preparing the opening of GAME as well as our 10th Anniversary Gala
The Opening
The Gala
An Actor with a kidney stone
Our first understudy
A visiting Award-winning playwright
Readings of two of said playwright’s newest works
Ambassador Meetings
Fundraising Advisory Board Meetings
Board Meetings
ALL MY SONS rehearsals
National searches for new staff members
New office space
New architects
And a record-breaking sell-out four-week run of THE GAME’S AFOOT.

What day is it anyway?

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