Tickets! Get your tickets!

We are about to break a Gulfshore Playhouse ticket sales record! Right now, we are 6 tickets away from breaking our record for most tickets sold to one show in one day. 6 tickets!
And by the time this blog is finished, my guess is we will have broken it!
Interestingly enough, this show and our previous “most ticket sales in one day” record breaker are both dramas – not comedies, as I would have guessed. I love that our audiences hunger for this thought provoking work. It’s a great day!

3 thoughts on “Tickets! Get your tickets!

  1. Eryn…with press like Sid Simon’s review of “All My Sons”, I am surprised that folks aren’t camping out in the Norris parking lot to buy tickets! Bravo to all the Gulfshore gang! What a great feeling and your supporters are overjoyed!

  2. In the past I have seen several productions of All My Sons but the Gulfshore Plalyhouse’s production was far superior to any I have ever seen. WOW! What an enjoyable theatre experience it was last night.
    John Myles

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