132 Days & 1,542 Miles by Grace Felion

Grace Felion is Gulfshore Playhouse’s Marketing/Front of House Intern. 

Igrace's journey graduated college 132 days ago. Since then my life has changed for the better. I moved 1,542 miles from my home in De Pere, WI to my new home in Naples, FL and started as the Marketing/Front of House Intern at Gulfshore Playhouse on September 9th.

In college I studied arts management and was one of those students who did absolutely everything they possibly could in their field. I house managed, worked as a publicity assistant, helped program our performing arts center, sold tickets, worked in the costume shop, and even acted in two children’s shows (I played a very nice cat). I loved every second because I was immersed in the world of theatre, the world that I feel so passionately about.

I knew after graduation I needed to find a place that would let me be involved in a lot even if I was just an intern. I needed to find a theatre that truly had passion and a reason behind what they were doing. When I found Gulfshore Playhouse I knew I had found that place. After reading Kristen’s letter from the founder I was ecstatic. It was as if all of my feeling about why theatre matters and why I’m so passionate about theatre were put down in writing. I wanted to be a part of her “Army for the Arts”. I wanted to find a way to serve “Theatre with a Capital T”.

Theatre is so much more than just a story on a stage. It’s a community. It’s a chance to escape for a while and a chance to really see yourself. It’s a way to open hearts and minds, a way to start a conversation, and a way to find a place to belong. I have had theatre in my life since I was very young and I know I wouldn’t have grown into the confident, strong, creative, and talented young woman I am today without it.

Since starting at Gulfshore Playhouse I have truly felt like I belong and I matter here. I’m not seen as simply an intern. I have responsibilities and what I do makes a difference. I’m allowed to speak up and get involved with what I’m interested in. I never go into work worried about my day because I know whatever I end up doing will be something I enjoy. Moving across the country is kind of a scary thing to do but moving to Naples has definitely been one of the best things I could ever have done for myself. I can’t wait to see what the next months hold for me and I can’t wait to see what Gulfshore Playhouse has in store for their future.

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