Busy Changing the World

Hello, Readers!

This may seem like a “welcome to our 16-17 season” post.  While that may be its function, in truth, it doesn’t feel like one season ended and a new one began.  We have been busier than ever here at Gulfshore Playhouse and here’s what we’ve been up to!
  • Twelve summer camps, including two full-scale productions: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Jr., and The Jungle Book Kids
  • Writing our Company Charter, thanks to our cool performance coach, Kelly Townsend
  • Hiring several new key positions
  • Planning our 17-18 season.  Yes, you heard me right – we need to have next season in place by December!
  • Reading and selecting the plays for our Fourth Annual New Works Festival (click here for tickets!)
  • Design, prep, auditions, and dramaturgy for our fall productions of Constellations and My Fair Lady
  • Pre-planning our new fundraising series, “Page to Stage”, which will culminate in three exciting new events (more on that below)
  • Moving from cash to accrual-based accounting
  • Setting the pins for a capital campaign
  • Welcoming, communicating with, and planning for this year’s Playhouse Partners
  • And paving the way for our 33 staff members
So yes, we have had our work cut out for ourselves changing the world, preparing to do and be our very best this year and producing the very best season we’ve ever given our audiences.  Each show is going to be a treat in its very own way visually, emotionally, and creatively.  I can’t wait to see you here.

The Page to Stage Series is a series of fundraisers in true Gulfshore Playhouse fashion.  Much like our Synergy Series, even these fundraisers are designed to help you dig more deeply into three of our plays.

First up, “A Loverly Tea” on November 15th which includes high tea and ballroom dancing (to the My Fair Lady music) with two world champion dancers, Alexander and Veronika!  This is a DO NOT MISS!!  You’ll even get to meet Henry and Eliza while you’re at it.

The second fundraiser in our series is a luncheon at the Ritz on the Beach on January 9th. This event is called FROM BESTSELLER TO BROADWAY and features keynote speaker, Karen Siff Exkorn.  A nationally-renowned presenter on the topic of autism, Karen wrote THE AUTISM SOURCEBOOK and has been featured on Dateline, CNN, and ABC just to name a few.  Her son, Jake, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and recovered at the age of 4.  Though controversial, this is her story, one which inspired the one-woman show called DO THIS.  We will be producing the world premiere of this play, by special arrangement with Broadway producer Ken Davenport. Autism is a growing concern and affects so many families in America. For Karen, it is a topic near to her heart and compelled her to write both a non-fiction guide and a deeply personal play.  Join us for this luncheon, share her laughter, her tears, her triumphs and her sorrows while supporting two great causes.  25% our proceeds will go to the organization called New York Collaborates for Autism.

And finally, we are so excited that Scott and Renee Relf are donating their home and throwing us a fundraiser for all you Valentines out there on Monday night February 13th.  In support of our production of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE we will be having a romantic dinner for two under the stars, replete with a fabulous repast created by Brian Roland, an incredible band and Italian operatic baritone, all while dancing the night away.  The night before, as part of your ticket, we will be having a fireside chat with Gail Kern Paster, Gulfshore Playhouse board member and Shakespeare Scholar.  She and I will be talking about our production of Merchant. We will have two actors read one of the most famous scenes from the play and Gail will illuminate the scene as well as the life and times in Shakespeare’s Venice.  This will whet your appetite for our fantastic play to follow shortly thereafter.

We have so much fun, enrichment, engagement, and inspiration in store for you this season.  I can’t wait for it to get started….oh wait, just like I said, it already has.  See you soon!


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