The Wizarding World of My Fair Lady

Kristen Coury is the Founder and Producing Artistic Director at Gulfshore Playhouse is directing My Fair Lady.


Patricia Noonan (Eliza Doolittle) and Kristen Coury (director) at tech rehearsal for My Fair Lady. Photo by Pedro Zepeda.

Well, here it is.  The thing we’ve been talking about for 8 months.  The production that incorporates 45 costumes, 10 actors playing over 40 roles, numerous voice-overs, two pianos, multiple accents, and a set that is able to comprise 8 different locations, inside and out, all around London.

Like Colonel Pickering says in the song, we “did it!”  At least we think we did it.  It’s not done yet.  We’re still “in tech” for the next couple of days with two previews on Thursday and Friday night.  But Saturday’s opening will come before we know it.

Let me tell you something: taking on a 2 hour and 30 minute iconic musical, adding microphones, musicians, quick changes galore and more dancing than we’ve ever had on our stage is no small feat.  If it weren’t for these enormously talented (and patient) actors, an extraordinary creative team, and wizard musicians, putting Edwardian London on our 24x24ft stage wouldn’t have been possible.

But now, I invite you to come see this extraordinary production.  These actors give a DO NOT MISS performance.  Eliza and Henry will excite you and warm your heart, these dancers and singers will wow you, and watching the pianists at work is a joy we don’t normally get to see when attending a run-of-the-mill musical.  This truly is “a wizarding world” – hurry and get your tickets before they all disappear!

For tickets, please call 1-866-811-4111 or visit

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