Giving Thanks!


Audrey Zielenbach is the Artistic Content Curator at Gulfshore Playhouse.


Happy Thanksgiving, one and all, from the cast of Leading Ladies and the staff of Gulfshore Playhouse!


We have so much to be grateful for, but Thanksgiving always reminds us that we should verbalize and reaffirm that gratefulness.

To the actors we are fortunate enough to work with. Gulfshore Playhouse prides itself on finding the best of the best. Not only are they magnificently talented individuals who give stunning, hilarious, heartbreaking performances on our stages and give life and voice to the stories we exist to tell, but they are also the most wonderful people offstage! A special shoutout to the cast of Leading Ladies who all agreed to make our dreams of opening the show a week earlier come true after the Hurricane forced us to cancel our first production.

To the artists who gift us every day with their genius. Theatre is all about collaboration and nobody embodies that more than the teams of directors and designers we bring together for every show. Making a vision come to life is no small feat. Every person brings something unique to the table, and making those unique pieces fit together to create a beautiful whole is a beautiful thing to witness.

To the fantastic staff of Gulfshore Playhouse who make the magic happen! The production staff literally brings the vision of the directors and designers to life, working tirelessly to create the diverse needs of each show. The administrative staff also works tirelessly in a multitude of ways, from organizing events, keeping the books, tending to our patrons, to helping the art get made in hundreds of different ways.

But most of all, thanks TO YOU! Throughout its entire history, Theatre has relied on two things to exist: a place for it to be performed and people to perform it for. Gulfshore Playhouse is lucky enough to have both things. We are grateful to call Naples our home and more grateful still for those who populate it. So thank you, thank you, thank you for making Naples your home and for making Gulfshore Playhouse your theatre.

Happy Thanksgiving!



One thought on “Giving Thanks!

  1. Thank YOU Gulfshore Playhouse and all of your wonderful, talented and priceless staff and actors for giving us New York Theatre here in Naples!!!Kay Burns 

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