Turning the World Upside Down

Kristen Coury is the Founder and Producing Artistic Director at Gulfshore Playhouse.

If you know me, you know that I think Theatre can change the world.


Stephanie Pope as Marcus Lycus

When the idea of doing A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum was first presented to me, I wasn’t sure this was the way forward in the new millennium. I’ve been in many conversations of late about how in the current era, it’s become apparent that many musicals “from the last century” are misogynistic. How unfortunate, given the fact that the music is incredible and the script very funny.

So what to do?

In this case, we had heard of a production of Forum done with all males. I thought that might be a great way to shine a light on the inane situations where women are objectified, grabbed, or groped. When we presented this to our incredible creative team, I received a firm NO. In today’s world, we are all very sensitive to gender equality and no one was interested in taking jobs away from women!

So how do we solve this problem?


Jason Simon as Domina

Theatre-makers are creative collaborators by nature so you will not be surprised that we quickly found a way to present this musical taking place in Ancient Rome in a fun, fresh, and totally fabulous new way. We turned the world upside down! So now we have three women playing men, one man playing a woman, and fourteen rubber chickens (playing themselves).

This cast is INCREDIBLE. This talented troupe of professional actors coming straight from Broadway has been whirling, singing, dancing, and gesticulating all for the sake of your viewing pleasure!!! Director Darren Katz and Choreographer Adam Cates have done an incredible job of creating a glittery world full of carousing, campiness, and comedy tonight!

Don’t miss it.

One thought on “Turning the World Upside Down

  1. Having seen the previews and rehearsals, I can say this is one of Gulfshore Playhouse’s most extravagant and lush productions with a spectacular cast and is definitely full of ‘comedy tonight’!

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