Feels Like HOME for Holmes & Watson

David Whalen plays Dr. Evans in Holmes and Watson.
There’s no better feeling for an actor than to be welcomed not only by the theatre but also by the community it serves.  That’s how I feel when I come to Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples.
The entire staff, headed by the inimitable Kristen Coury, makes one feel like part of an extended family.
Being on the road as a performer can be trying, especially if you have a loving wife and children like myself.  I feel so embraced by everyone at Gulfshore Playhouse, and I’ve made some wonderful friends in town.  Playing tennis, having lunch or dinner with patrons, being invited to their homes, has made my stay in Naples feel connected to its wonderfully generous residents.
So many of the folks I’ve met have seen the show.  It’s very important to me that I give back to the community that has opened their arms to me.  I spread the word everywhere I go in Southwest Florida about the joy, the quality of work, and the dedication to Naples culture that Gulfshore Playhouse brings!
Hope I KEEP coming home to Gulfshore Playhouse.
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