There’s No Place Like Holmes

Gregory Johnstone plays Holmes #3 in Holmes and Watson.
Returning to the world of Holmes and Watson is an absolute thrill for me. Having played the same role, Holmes #3, in the Pittsburgh production, I was eager to see how a (mostly) new cast would interpret this world. They have come up with some wonderful choices which I hope the audiences will enjoy.


I love watching skilled actors. I love being an actor. The Gulfshore Playhouse has given me an immense opportunity to do both. The support we have been offered is greatly appreciated. From necessities like housing and transportation, to production details like costuming, set design, lighting, and sound, everyone involved has been indispensable to the creation of this show.
If you have not seen the show yet, my task as Holmes #3 is to embody a character who is deaf and blind, which has been a challenge to portray. It is impossible to turn off two of your senses. How do I remain oblivious to all of the action happening around me? Thankfully I was able to “see and hear” during rehearsals so as I watched what was unfolding. I was able to get all the laughter and physical reactions out of my system during the rehearsal process. When we started performing the show for an audience, navigating obstacles like stairs and walls is a bit trickier. Naturally, I want to look down and see where I’m going so I rely heavily on my peripheral vision and the actor whose shoulder I’ve placed my hand on to guide me around the stage. Thankfully they do not let me down.

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