From Page to Stage: A Glimpse into the Synergy Series

This week’s Playhouse Perspective blog comes from Administrative Intern Emery Dorman.

synergy series

I have always had an affinity for words, and I believe that one of the biggest reasons I am intrigued by stories, theories, extraordinary vocabularies, scripts, movies, and conversations is due to the words used to create such things. Words are powerful. I become so excited listening to the thoughts, experiences, and opinions of others because they are almost always different from my own. I enjoy learning about life from a fresh perspective! For me, engaging in conversation is what theatre is all about—leaving a performance with new ideas to discuss and implement in our world for the better. Perhaps this is why I have fallen so hard and fast for our Synergy Series here at Gulfshore Playhouse.

The Synergy Series is all about digging deeper into the words on the page before it is translated to the stage. Curtain conversations, actor & director talkbacks, pre-show discussions, and script clubs are the four main events that are offered during every production of our season. These extra curricular activities are for anyone and everyone who find they are curious about a wide array of topics, including theatrical history, the playwright(s), thematic questions, etc. A Gulfshore Playhouse staff member like myself moderates each event, and we have a grand old time just getting better acquainted with each other, our views, our opinions, and our takeaways from each production!

As an actress, I try to attend as many of these open-discussion style events as possible. It sure does inform me about my craft and opens me up to new techniques, ideas, and advice from artists who have been active in the theatrical lifestyle. Not an actor? Not to worry! Gulfshore Playhouse has structured these events for everybody.You don’t necessarily have to be working as a theatre artist to enjoy a pre or post-show discussion. These events are all-inclusive, and make the perfect segue into a fantastic experience at Naples’ premier professional theatre. I am blessed with the opportunity to meet members of our community and hear their stories, learn about their backgrounds, and discover what has drawn them to the theatre. After all, that is our common bond here—we all have a passion for theatre!

While I participate in the office environment as the Administrative Intern, I am elated when I am visited by patrons who are interested in furthering their knowledge by attending a discussion (or two, or all of them)! I am eager to get to know them better and invest in their stories. Creating memories with my fellow staff members, guest artists, patrons, and local Floridians brings me pure joy! Leading conversations that could positively impact someone’s life is such a heartwarming gift, perfect for the holiday season upon us. My goal is to create a safe, familial environment where every word spoken, every glance given, and every smile shared between patrons and staff alike is treasured. I applaud Gulfshore Playhouse for putting such a great emphasis on the importance of heightened understanding in audience engagement. It is a pleasure belonging to such a passionate family, and I look forward to welcoming you to join us. Until the next event in our series, bravo and be brilliant!


Emery Dorman

Gulfshore Playhouse Administrative Intern 2019-2020


If you are interested in learning more about the Synergy Series at Gulfshore Playhouse, visit

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